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Cost Effective Repairs or Trade-In

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Slow computer

We will attempt to repair your computer or you can trade in for a faster one.


Motherboard repair

The motherboard contains the main components of your computer.


RAM upgrade

Low memory can mean a slow computer. We can upgrade your RAM and increase the speed.


Hardware repair

All physical parts of your computer is hardware, if something is broke we will attempt to repair.

We offer cost-effective repairs

Computer repair specialties

If you are experiencing a slow running computer or one that won't turn on we will try to fix it. We will do everything to repair your computer prior to recommending a new purchase or trade in.


If your computer is beyond repair and your next step is a new purchase you will not have to pay for the time we spent attempting to repair but rather the final solution. You have nothing to lose by letting us take a look!


We sell all major brands' new and used computers that are faster than what you can buy in the store and will outrun anything. This includes upgraded, used computers that can outrun brand new computers as well as custom-built machines.


We will attempt to troubleshoot all current and new customers with minor issues over the phone for FREE.


No matter how big or small the job we can help; from hardware repair, motherboard, RAM upgrades, or power supply, we can handle it all.

"Excellent service, I trust these guys. They were the only company that seemed willing to put forth the extra effort to actually FIX my computer!"

- Jennifer A.

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